Learning Italian As A Family

One of the challenges for this year and our time homeschooling is the fact that our kids attend a bilingual Italian school. This means that half their classes are in Italian – which means so are half their homeschooling lessons!

Since they only started school there this year and aren’t in prep, these are not aimed at the same level of Italian that our kids are at. So they do require more of my help (and help from Google translate and other tools).

I have decided to brace this as an opportunity and I am learning Italian with the kids and including our toddler as well!

I am already an intermediate level in Spanish so this does help. It’s been fun learning Italian with them though especially with my toddler who is by far the keenest.

It’s also been great to see how much Italian my older kids have already absorbed after only a month and a half learning at their Italian bilingual school. They have liked to tell me that they haven’t learned anything (it is far less full on than their previous German bilingual school) but that is far from the truth. My grade 4 kid made a whole video solely in Italian for school last week. I am impressed!

Anyway, I thought I would write a blog post with some Italian language learning resources for families that we are finding handy at this time. Being stuck at home is actually an awesome time to consider learning a language!

Online Resources To Help Your Family Learn Italian



Duolingo is a language learning app which is awesome! It’s easy to use and straightforward to start. Just install it on your smart phone or tablet. Kids need to be literate (in one language anyway) but I have found my kids could use it at school age.

The downside is that the free version only lets you get so many wrong now before it stops working so my kids don’t get to use it for very long before it stops and it’s expensive if I wanted to buy a subscription for each person in the family.

You can find it here.


Memrise is another language app which has a free and paid version. It’s slower moving than Duolingo and we don’t like it as much but it’s still a good resource.

You can find it here.



DinoLingo is a fun program for kids to learn a foreign language especially for younger kids. It’s a big hit with my toddler although my older kids will watch and play it too. It is simple.

It’s mostly video lessons which are colourful and very repetitive on topics like counting and food. There are then games and a quiz.

It’s fun and easy and it’s definitely helped me learn more words as well as the kids. There are other resources too but we have not looked at them yet.

There is a subscription fee.

You can find it here.



Wordwall is a platform where people can easily build learning resources for kids, especially game based ones. There are many language learning ones on here that you can use and are quite fun for kids.

You can find it here.  Search for Italian.


There are so many language learning videos on YouTube including for kids.

I have been using some of their screen time to watch Italian videos. For example, my toddler is fascinated by this one.

I’ll update as we learn more and progress on our language learning journey! Let me know if you have any good resources too! Find more parenting thoughts here.

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    • We have also used the app Memrise and Rosetta Stone. They aren’t specifically for kids but work fine for kids who can read in english.

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