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Your Complete Guide To The Best Portacot Australia 2020 Reviews

We have always travelled with our children, even when they were just little babies, and quickly discovered how valuable a portable baby cot is. Even when we aren’t travelling, having a baby portacot on hand is very useful.

We found the best travel portacot was perfect for staying with grandparents, visiting friends and even doubling as a playpen or a sleeping space in our living area.

There are a lot of top portacots for sale making the most difficult part working out which one is right for you. You only need to read some portacot reviews to see the range of different portable travel cot options available – all with different features and with various brands claiming to have to best portacot Australia has for sale.

But you needn’t feel overwhelmed by all the baby travel cots Australia has on offer.

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To help ease the overwhelm, I have put together this best portacot 2020 guide. I not only take you through the features of the best travel cot Australia has, but also help you understand all the portacot jargon so you can work out what features you actually need.

I hope after reading these travel cot reviews you’ll be less overwhelmed and more confident in choosing the perfect cot for you and your baby’s needs.

Best Portacot Australia 2020 Comparison Chart

Steelcraft Denim 4 in 1 Portable CotBig, Standard17 kgYes4.5Check
BabyLove Mascot Portable CotBig, Standard13.15 kgYes4.0Check
Childcare Trio 3 in 1 Baby Portable Travel CotSmall, Travel6.12 kgNo5.0Check
BabyBjorn Travel Cot LightSmall, Travel5 kgNo4.0Check
Vee Bee Amado Newborn/Baby PortacotSmall, Travel2.72 kgNo4.0Check
Phil&Teds Traveller CribSmall, Travel13.5 kgNo3.5Check
Amico Light Travel Cot PortacotSmall, Travel6 kgNo4.0Check
Steelcraft Siesta 2 in 1 Portable CotBig, Standard15 kgYes4.0Check
Valco Baby Zephyr Travel CotSmall, Travel6.35 kgNo3.5Check
Graco Travel Lite CotSmall, Travel8.62 kgNo5.0Check
Love N Care Playland Travel CotSmall, Travel9.6 kgNo4.0Check
ElanBambino Portable CribSmall, Travel5.13 kgNo4.0Check

The Best Portacots of 2020

Here’s a handy reference list – see all portacot reviews below!

  • Steelcraft Denim 4 in 1 Portable Cot, Big, Standard
  • BabyLove Mascot Portable Cot, Big, Standard
  • Childcare Trio 3 in 1 Baby Portable Travel Cot, Small, Travel
  • BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light, Small, Travel
  • Vee Bee Amado Newborn/Baby Portacot, Small, Travel
  • Phil&Teds Traveller Crib, Small, Travel
  • Amico Light Travel Cot Portacot, Small, Travel
  • Steelcraft Siesta 2 in 1 Portable Cot, Big, Standard
  • Valco Baby Zephyr Travel Cot, Small, Travel
  • Graco Travel Lite Cot, Small, Travel
  • Love N Care Playland Travel Cot, Small, Travel
  • ElanBambino Portable Crib, Small, Travel

Portacot Vs Standard Cot

A portacot (also referred to as a travel cot or a folding baby cot) is a temporary place for a baby to sleep when a standard cot is not available. Portacots usually have fabric or mesh sides, a removable mattress and can easily be folded up so it can be taken to various places.

The best thing about a portacot is how portable they are. Portacots are lightweight and compact when disassembled making them super easy to transport around so your baby has somewhere safe, comfortable and familiar to sleep no matter where you are.

However these advantages of a portacot are also their disadvantages. Portacots are not as sturdy as a standard cot and so carry some risk (which is why it is vital you purchase a cot that meets the Australian standards, see below for more information).

Usually portacots are much lower to the ground making it more difficult for parents to put baby in as well as take baby out.

Types of Portacot

Big/Standard-sized Portacots

The most commonly used portacot is a large, standard sized portacot. As the name suggests, a standard sized portacot tends to be reasonably bulky and weighs substantially more than a portacot designed specifically as a baby or toddler travel cot.

Standard sized portacots often include additional features such as a bassinet or a change table, often referred to as a 2 in 1 or a 3 in 1 portacot.

A standard sized portacot is better suited for quick trips, where space is not an issue, for example a sleepover at grandma’s, or a short weekend away.

We also used our standard sized portacot as an additional place for our daughter to sleep during the day so she could stay downstairs in the living room with me.

Travel Cots

Travel cots are much more compact and lightweight than a standard sized portacot, making them perfect for road trips or when travelling by plane.

In order to be compact and light, travel cots don’t usually have additional features such as a change table. They also tend to be smaller so they may not last your child for as long.

What To Consider When Looking For The Best Portacots 2020

Portacots come in many shapes and sizes and with a range of features. Before purchasing a portacot, give consideration to the following features to ensure you purchase the perfect portacot to meet your individual needs.


The main point of a portacot is to be portable, so your baby will have somewhere to sleep wherever you are. To be portable, you want to purchase one of the compact portacot Australia has for sale, so that when folded up the portacot is nice and compact but also big enough for your child to comfortably sleep and move around freely once assembled.


As you can see from the comparison chart above, portacots vary greatly in how much they weigh. If you are simply looking to buy a portacot to take on the odd visit to Grandma’s or a friend’s house, the weight of your portacot may not be as important as it would be should you be looking for a portacot that you can be on the move with regularly.  

If you are planning on travelling with your portacot by plane of a road trip, look for a super lightweight portacot.

Quick Assembly, Disassembly & Storage

You don’t want to reach your destination only to spend 30 minutes assembling your portacot while you have a cranky crying baby on your hands. Be sure to look at portacots that are known for being easy to set up as well as pack up.

You can get one of the pop up travel cots Australia has available which takes seconds to assemble. Our travel cot reviews Australia will confirm whether a portacot is easy to assemble.

If you are planning on travelling regularly with your portacot you also want to ensure it doesn’t take up too much room to stores away.


Before purchasing a portacot, double check that it comes with everything you need, or if it doesn’t, how easy it is to purchase whatever it is you require.

Does the portacot come with a mattress or is this an additional purchase? Is the mattress inflatable? Does it come with sheets? Can you use standard cot sheets with the portacot or do you need to purchase specially designed sheets?

Don’t just assume that your portacot will include everything you need.

Colour and Design

Like all baby products, portacots come in a range of colours and designs. You may like to purchase a portacot in your child’s favourite colour or with your child’s favourite characters.

If you want to me more practical, I recommend you purchase a portacot in a neutral colour so it can easily be passed down to younger siblings or sold.

Other Special Features

There are a range of additional features that portacots may include. Features may include a portable changer, a bassinet, sleeping pod / rocker and wheels.

Usually the more features, the heavier the portacot and the less portable it becomes. So be sure these additional features are necessary before you purchase a portacot with all the bells and whistles.

Safety Features To Look For In The Best Portable Cot Australia 2020

The most important thing when purchasing a portacot is that it is safe for your child. A poor quality or cheap travel cot can carry the risk of sleeping accidents such as child suffocation or a child becoming trapped. When it comes to portacot safety consider the following:

  • Certified – All portable cots Australia wide must meet the mandatory Australian Standard AS/NZS 2195. To ensure you are purchasing one of the safest portacots Australia has, make sure the portacot has a product label clearly stating that it has passed and exceeds the Australian standards. For more information check out the Product Safety Australia’s product safety guidelines and standards.
  • Durable and sturdy – The best portacots are high quality and made with well designed materials. Ensure the portacot you purchase has a secure locking mechanism to ensure it won’t collapse as well as being free from any safety hazards such as bumps, sharp edges or protruding parts that could injure your child.
  • Good ventilation – The best portacots provide good ventilation for your child to avoid suffocation. This is why you will note that most portacots are the mesh type as this reduces the risk to your child.
  • Perfect fit mattress/sheets – It is important that you only use the mattress supplied or specifically designed to go with the portacot to ensure that it is well fitted and suited to that particular portacot. The mattress must be firm and fit snugly without any gaps between the mattress and portacot. This ensures the baby is not trapped between these gaps. Never add an additional mattress to the portacot or additional padding.
  • Removable accessories – Check to ensure that all of the accessories, such as bassinet inserts and changing tables can be removed from the portacot when not in use to avoid entanglement and other risks to the child.

Top Portacot Reviews 2020 Australia

Best Portable Cots Australia – Large

Steelcraft Denim 4 in 1 Portable Cot Review

Our Steelcraft 4 in 1 portable cot review found an extra large option that is quick to assemble and makes a great comfortable place for your baby to sleep away from home.

This 4 in 1 portacot includes a bassinet for newborn babies. Once your baby has reached 9 kilograms, simply insert the supplied Steelcraft portacot mattress in the lower level of the full size cot. Parents will love the castor wheels with brakes which makes moving this cot around easy and the mesh sides are great for ventilation and to keep an eye on your little one.

Other features include a foldaway change table (includes safety harness), musical mobile with three soft toy, large pocket on the side for storage and travel bag with handles.

At 17 kilograms, the Steelcraft Portacot 4 in 1 is not a lightweight portacot, but if offers some great features at a good price.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.

BabyLove Mascot Portable Cot Review

The BabyLove portacot is a similar product to the Steelcraft portacot above, but at 13.5 kg is a little bit lighter.

This portacot includes a clip on bassinet which is suitable for babies from newborn to up 9 kilograms. It also includes a change table. Parents will love how easy it is to assemble this BabyLove travel cot as well as its compact size for easy storage and transport.

Other features include safety lock arms with easy touch release button, large storage pocket, travel bag with handles, mesh sides for ventilation and visibility and castor wheels so you can easily move the cot from room to room.

The BabyLove portacot is another great option for those after a standard sized portacot.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.

Childcare Trio 3 in 1 Baby Portable Travel Cot Review


Weighing at 13.5 kg this childcare portacot is one of the heaviest portacots in these reviews, but it comes in at the lower end of the budget and has the most inclusions.

This versatile and easy to operate travel system is the perfect item to take on holiday with your newborn as it includes a full-size bassinet and changing station for babies up to 8 kg. With its 4 mesh sides it is also breathable and has excellent visibility.

This trio 3 in 1 childcare portacot is compact for travel and storage with the convenient combined folding mattress and board. It has a single action ‘lift and lock’ rails with press button making it easy to set up and put away.

This portacot includes lockable castor wheels which certainly helps given the portacots weight and also makes it easy to move from room to room as needed.

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Best Travel Cot Australia 2020

BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light Review


If you are after a small travel portacot, the baby Bjorn portacot is a great option. Weighing a mere 6.12 kg, it is one of the lightest in these reviews.

This Baby Bjorn travel cot is so simple to open and fold away and, due to its design, (with the mattress being on the ground) it has no weight restrictions and so is suitable for children up to 3 years. However parents of newborns may find it challenge placing babies in and getting them out with the mattress being so low.

Assembly is easy with this pop up travel cot with the legs unfolding automatically. There are no loose parts to attach and once the included soft mattress is put in, you have a stable, travel portacot lightweight to use at home or away.

Parents will also love the removable and washable cot textiles on this mini portacot which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

I have seen this pop up portacot it for varying prices in our local portacot Melbourne stores, and I recommend looking online to get the Baby Bjorn travel cot light best price. You should be able to find the Baby Bjorn travel cot Australia wide.

It is our top pick for parents who want a light and portable option that is high quality.

>> Click here to check the best price and to read more reviews.

Vee Bee Amado Newborn/Baby Portacot Travel Review


This newborn travel cot is a great budget option as well as being one of the lightest in these reviews thanks to its aluminium frame.

Our Vee Bee Amado portacot review loved how easy this portacot is to fold. It in fact folds flat, making it super convenient for travel and storage. The mattress is included however some parents have complained that it is a bit too thin and not recommended for too many consecutive night sleeps.

Additional features of this portacot include mesh sides which provide high visibility and ventilation, non-skid feet for extra safety, removable and washable fabrics and the portacot also comes in its own carry bag.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.

Phil&Teds Traveller Crib Review

At 2.72 kg, this phil and teds travel cot weighs less than most newborn babies making it the perfect travel portacot.

Being extremely lightweight and compact this phil & teds portacot fits into most aircrafts overhead storage or can even fit it into your suitcase.

Despite coming in several parts, this phil and teds portacot is very fast and easy to put up. It takes no longer than 5 minutes to set up or pack away and it has instructions attached to the inside of the fabric.

Other features of this portacot include a carry bag, insulated self-inflating mattress with mattress sheet, mesh sides ensuring ventilation and visibility and a zip on one side panel provides side access which makes for a great play pen indoors or outside.

You even have the option to buy a top shade mesh separately making it great for outside use.

We have this travel cot and love it although the included bag did wear away quite easily.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.

Amico Light Travel Cot Portacot Review


This option of the best travel cots Australia offers features a side zipper that makes it easier for parents to place their sleeping kids inside. The ventilated mesh walls allow your child to see what’s happening around them.

Every parent needs a lightweight, high-quality portacot that they can bring along on all their travels. The Amico Light comes with a carrying bag for easy transport. Whether you’re taking off on a family holiday to the other side of the world or bringing your baby to the office for the day, you’ll be able to trust in the safety that this portacot can provide.

With the purchase of this cot, you’ll receive a comfortable mattress and cotton fitted sheet. The mattress and portacot have been certified for child safety, providing you with peace of mind. These details make this one of the best portacot for travel on our list.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.

Other Best Portable Cot Reviews

Steelcraft Siesta 2 in 1 Portable Cot Review

This Steelcraft travel cot provides a comfortable place for your child to sleep and play whilst travelling, much like the Steelcraft snooze n play portacot. At 11 kg, it is one of the heaviest, but it is easy to set up and put away folding conveniently with its foldable mattress and travel bag with handle for easy transport.

For added safety there is a childproof side rail locking mechanism and base handle pull and lock system. There’s extra storage in the large side pocket, great for storing toys or extra bedding when in use.

Other features include the large ventilated sleeping and play area with four mesh sides, and lockable caster wheels for ease of movement when in use.

With the included removable bassinet, this portacot is suitable from birth until 15 kg or 90cm tall.

This is a solid option and Steelcraft portacot reviews back this up.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.

Valco Baby Zephyr Travel Cot Review

This lightweight Valco baby portacot weighs only 6.35 kg so perfect for travelling as you can carry it on your shoulder with ease in its carry bag, whilst pushing your baby’s pram at the same time.

The Valco portacot is super simple and quick to assemble, just click and lock the legs into place and insert the included padded mattress. It has velcro tabs to keep the sleeping surface secure and the blackout bottom rim helps baby sleep more soundly.

This portacot is not only suitable for indoor use but for outdoor use too with its included insect net ensuring a bug free environment whilst your baby is enjoying the fresh air.

Other included features are the mesh storage pockets at the side which is great for some toys, bottles or bedding.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.

Graco Travel Lite Cot Review

This Graco travel cot is lightweight, very sturdy and 20% more compact than a full size portacot but with all the benefits. This is a travel cot with bassinet and is easy to assemble with its easy to fold push button system.

Being height adjustable and containing a removable bassinet, this Graco Portacot is suitable for newborns to babies up to 35 inches tall.

Parents will love how compact this Graco portacot is. In fact it is so compact that you will have no trouble getting through doorways without having to unfold it. The included wheels make it super easy to move it from room to room.

Other great features include a canopy with soft toys, a quilted mattress pad and airy mesh sides for ventilation.

Graco is a popular brand among parents and you will find this Graco portacot Australia wide.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.

Love N Care Playland Travel Cot Review


This little portacot from Love N Care offers a nice mix of stability and portability. It’s quick to assemble and disassemble, and it folds up for easy transport. Whether you need to bring it along on holiday or take it to a relative’s house, transporting this compact and lightweight cot is hassle free.

The materials used in the cot are breathable and comfortable, yet they maintain durability. You can easily spot clean the material using a moist cloth.

The only negative of this portacot is the mattress it comes with. It’s not high quality, and the material can be a bit noisy. It’s fine for a few nights, but it might not be the best choice for regular use. For that reason, this portacot is ideal for short-term travel.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.

ElanBambino Portable Crib Review

Weighing only 5.13 kg this bambino portacot is a top of the line, lightweight portacot.

This portacot has an easy press and fold system, and a custom bag with carry/shoulder strap that fits easily in the boot of a car. This is a nice and compact portacot making it ideal for the smallest of hotel rooms.

The unique side access zipper panel ensures easy transfer of a sleeping baby with limited disturbance. Another unique feature is the included top mosquito mesh and shade canopy making this travel cot like the babyhood bambino portacot, both including a bug mesh and making them versatile to use inside or outdoors.

Other features include toys that hang from the canopy and a thick, custom fit and comfortable mattress that lies directly on the floor which allows this portacot to have no weight limit.

>> Click here to check the price and to read more reviews.

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