Best Things To Do In Tasmania With Kids

Going on a Tasmania family holiday and want to know all the best things to do in Tasmania with kids? We have you covered! Below you will find our guide to all the best family attractions Tasmania has to plan your ultimate trip.

With so much natural beauty and some wonderful kid friendly attractions, a Tasmania holiday with kids is always a great idea. The brilliant thing about Tasmania is compared to other Australian states, it is small, so you can easily see some of the most popular family things to do in Tasmania over a week or two.

We visit Tasmania with our kids at least annually and I have a great insider knowledge of this state – because I grew up there! It’s our favourite place to holiday and our kids love it.

Given that Tasmania is not part of the Australian mainland, you will need to fly there or take a ferry. Flights are plentiful and the Spirit of Tasmania ferry runs from Melbourne at least once a day and can take both cars and people.  

Whichever way you arrive, you will want to have a car with you as this is the easiest way to get around to all the major places in Tasmania. There are some great things to do in Hobart with kids, as well as Launceston and other parts of the state, so a car will help you get around with ease.  

Below, you will find in our guide everything you need to know about the very best kids activities Tasmania offers. The guide covers all the major cities including Hobart, Launceston and more as well as the best family accommodation Tasmania offers. There is also a handy map of all the things to do in Tasmania for families.

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The Best Things To Do In Tasmania With Kids

Here are the best things to do in Tasmania for kids, which I’ve listed under the areas of Hobart, Launceston, the West Coast of Tasmania, the North West of Tasmania and the East Coast of Tasmania. This will make it easier when planning your itinerary for travelling Tasmania with kids.

Read through all the family activities Tasmania offers and select the ones that fit your interests and time frame.

The Best Things To Do In Hobart With Kids (And The Rest Of Southern Tasmania)

When you’re looking for things for kids to do in Tasmania, Hobart, as the main city on the island is the natural place to start. Below I’ve listed some of the fun things to do in Hobart with kids.

Hobart Waterfront

The waterfront is one of my favourite kids activities, Hobart offers especially if you’re blessed with a sunny day. For starters, it’s packed full of Tasmania’s best seafood, and the area has cafes, restaurants, bars and even floating shops – providing plenty of cover even if it’s a grey or rainy day. 

If you’re looking for what to do in Hobart with kids, the Hobart waterfront is a great place to start – it’s a lovely area to stroll around and take in the sea air while sampling tasty treats. Older kids may love looking at all the boats in the harbour, too. 

Address: Franklin Wharf, Salamanca 


Taking a play break in MONA with kids
Taking a play break in MONA

Mona – the Museum of Old and New art is hands down one of the Hobart attractions for families that I recommend the most. As well as being Australia’s largest privately owned museum, it’s one of the most captivating museums I’ve visited – one that’s sure to capture the kids’ attention as well as your own. Its modern and historic art installations are confronting and controversial as well as entertaining.

The museum puts on many special things for kids to do in Hobart, with exhibits geared towards kids of all ages. There are light and sound exhibits, storytelling workshops, and there are two different kids playgrounds as well which double as art features of their own – one made almost entirely from net.

Some exhibits aren’t kid friendly and you can get a map to avoid those.

The museum offers a restaurant and a winery and brewery on site too, but for a fun family activity I recommend bringing a picnic with you to enjoy in the more kid-friendly and purpose built picnic section. 

Address: 655 Main Rd, Berriedale, Tasmania   

Salamanca Market

Another of my go-to family things to do in Hobart, is a visit to the Salamanca Market. The markets are located just back from the Hobart Waterfront, so you can easily combine the two into one day, if you visit on a Saturday. 

Every Saturday, the Salamanca Market opens at 8.30 am and runs until about 3 pm. Stalls line the whole area down to the waterfront, selling souvenirs, local crafts and lots of tasty food and drink – be sure to get there early before it’s gone and the crowds arrive – as this is one of the top Hobart attractions for families and it can get very busy!

Even if you can’t go on a Saturday, the market is still one of my favourite family activities Hobart has to offer. During the day or evening time, the streets are lined with Georgian warehouses, with plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants that are open week-round. There are also some great parks nearby for the kids to enjoy too.

Address: Salamanca Place, Hobart

If you’re looking for more ideas of things to do in Hobart for families, the following Hobart attractions for kids are within easy reach of the downtown area and offer some great family-friendly outdoor space.  

Royal Botanical Gardens

Another of the popular things to do in Hobart, kids will love is the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. A short walk or drive from Hobart city centre, the gardens occupy over 14 hectares and you can either take a private guided tour of the gardens, or simply explore at your own pace. 

There’s a stunning Japanese Garden, a conservatory, a garden showcasing rare MacQuarie plants and a herb garden. You can take a picnic along to enjoy at the Gardens, or there are restaurants and cafes on site.

Address: Lower Domain Rd, Hobart, Tasmania

Mount Wellington

Often simply referred to as “The Mountain” by locals or as “Kunanyi” in indigenous language, and at 1270 meters tall, it looms over the city of Hobart and offers some amazing views down over the city and beyond. 

In winter, the summit is often topped with snow, and it is one of the fun things to do in Hobart with children year round, whether your kids want to play in the snow or just admire the views. Even on a cloudy day (although the views won’t be as good), visiting Mount Wellington can be a fun Hobart family experience as you can experience the feeling of being above the clouds!

As you start thinking, hmm – hiking 1270m to the top doesn’t sound like the one of best activities in Hobart for kids – don’t worry, there’s a road! The road goes all the way to the summit so you can drive up, or of course there are hiking trails and cycle paths too. 

Occasionally the Pinnacle Road will close due to bad weather – so do check in advance if you’re planning on driving up in winter. 

Address: Pinnacle Road, Hobart, Tasmania

Tahune AirWalk

Tahune Air Walk
Tahune Air Walk. Photo credit: Atsushi Kase via cc

Tahune Air Walk is sure to make an impression on kids of all ages and a great way to show them an experience of some of the beautiful nature of Tasmania. 

Located about 90 minutes drive outside of Hobart, the AirWalk makes for a nice day trip. The walkway reaches up to 45 meters above the forest floor, crossing the Huon river, and extends for a total distance of 620 meters.

If you have older and more adventurous kids, there’s a Twin Rivers Adventure package that’ll take you rafting through the rapids or kayaking quieter stretches of the Huon and Picton rivers within the park. 

Address: Arve Rd, Geeveston, Tasmania

Hastings Caves And Thermal Springs

Hastings Caves
Hastings Caves. Photo credit: Jamieson Teo via cc

Located in the Huon valley about 90 minutes drive from downtown Hobart, the Hastings Caves are dolomite caves that were formed millions of years ago. There are well structured walkways and purpose built stairs through the caves, making this another great option for family activities near Hobart. 

Entry is only possible with a guided tour, and you need to arrive 20-30 minutes before your time-slot for your tour of the caves. Start at the visitor centre before entering the caves themselves. Perhaps the best part is soaking in the warm thermal pool surrounded by the forest at the end! 

Address: 754 Hastings Caves Rd, Hastings, Tasmania

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

The endangered Tasmanian devil
The endangered Tasmanian devil

If your kids keep asking you about Tasmanian Devils – this is the place for you. About 30 minutes’ drive from Hobart and a 5 minute drive from Brighton town centre, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is home to animals from across Australia, including the famous Tasmanian Devils, who are sadly an endangered species. 

You can visit during the day, or via a pre-booked night tour, and kids will be able to meet many of the animals and perhaps feed them too, making this yet another great family day trip from Hobart. 

Address: 593 Briggs Road, Brighton, Tasmania

Find a full review to Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary here.

Salmon Ponds

Salmon Ponds

The Salmon Ponds is a historic trout hatchery, located about 45 minutes from Hobart in the beautiful Derwent Valley. Opened in 1861, it is the oldest trout hatchery in the Southern Hemisphere.

Trout are still farmed there today, and as well as visiting the beautiful grounds, you can feed the trout as well. There’s even a Museum of Trout Fishing that you can visit, and see the Tasmanian Angling Hall of Fame. 

I love the Salmon Ponds because it’s a beautiful, low key spot, easy to wander at your own pace. There are picnic facilities, a barbeque spot and a cafe as well that serves great pancakes! 

Address: 70 Salmon Ponds Road New Norfolk, Tasmania


Another place to visit around 30 minutes’ drive from Hobart is historic Richmond town. Set on the Coal River valley, it’s one of the most popular places to visit in Tasmania for visitors.

Kids will love visiting the traditional sweet shop to buy old-style lollies, or, if they’re older, learning about convict history at the oldest Gaol in Australia. They can even try out solitary confinement!

Address: Richmond, Tasmania

Port Arthur

Another historic site offering for the family, Port Arthur is a heritage listed historical site about 90 minutes’ drive through spectacular scenery south of Hobart on the Tasman Peninsula. 

Port Arthur is a convict site, with ruins of a penitentiary, a church built by the inmates, and multiple houses and institutions. It’s an important historical site with lots of interesting stories that children will be able to relate to, including ghost tours for older children.

You could visit Port Arthur as a day trip from Hobart, but many visitors prefer to stay overnight nearby. 

Address: Visitor Centre, Port Arthur, Tasmania

Doo Town

One of the signs in Doo Town
One of the signs in Doo Town

Located near Port Arthur, Doo Town is a quaint, quirky village that’s famous for its house names – which all have ‘Doo’ in them. Doo Town started in the 1930’s as a small village of holiday homes or ‘shacks’. Doo Town won’t keep you busy for very long, but it’s fun to drive through and have a giggle with your kids at the house names! 

The Best Things To Do In Launceston With Kids

When you’re looking for the best places to visit in Tasmania with kids, another great place to visit on the island is Launceston. Located in northern Tasmania, Launceston is well known for Cataract Gorge, great hiking trails and several sites of historical interest too – there are some great kids activities Launceston has to offer. 

Below I’ve listed some of the best things to do in Launceston with kids.

Cataract Gorge

If you’re looking for things to do in Launceston for kids, Cataract Gorge is probably the number one choice, and is a popular tourist site around 1.5 kilometres from Launceston town centre. 

Adventure minded kids will love the suspension bridges and chair lift. There’s a swimming pool, cafe / restaurant and several kilometers of hiking trails to wander at your own pace to enjoy the beautiful scenery. One of my recommended Launceston things to do for family

Address: 74-90 Basin Rd, West Launceston, Tasmania



Just a 15 minute drive north of Launceston along the Tamar Valley, Grindelwald is another popular one of Launceston attractions for kids. The town is modelled on its namesake village in Switzerland: The mountain village of Grindalwald. 

In town, there are plenty of characterful shops to explore, a chocolate cafe, 18-hole mini-golf, paddle-boats available for hire and even the world’s largest bouncing pillow available for children! 

If you’re already passing through Launceston, kids will love visiting here as well, and this is one place I always recommend for its things for kids to do in Launceston as well as one of my suggestions for what to do in Tasmania with kids.

Address: Grindelwald, Tasmania

Tasmania Zoo

Tasmania Zoo
Tasmania Zoo

Located in Riverside, 18 kilometres from Launceston, the Tasmania Zoo is a privately owned zoo that also takes in locally rescued animals, and is the only accredited zoo in all of Tasmania. If you’re looking for what to do in Launceston for kids, I highly recommend a visit here. 

Kids can join the daily feeding times which include the Tasmanian devils, meerkats and larger cats, too. The zoo also has a cafe, picnic and bbq area and gift shop. 

Address: 1166 Ecclestone Rd, Riverside, Tasmania

City Park

Part of the cultural heart of Launceston, the City Park is a heritage park, initially set up by the Horticultural Society of Launceston.

There are several different gardens, a monkey house that is home to a group of macaques that the kids will love seeing, a greenhouse and other children’s activities include riding one of the small trains that run around the park some days.

Located in Launceston itself, this is another source of plenty of children’s activities, Launceston

Things To Do In The West Coast Of Tasmania

Below, I’ve listed some of the best things to do in the West Coast of Tasmania with kids.

The West Coast Wilderness Railway

The West Coast Wilderness Railway
The West Coast Wilderness Railway

A reconstruction of the Mount Lyell Mining Railway, the West Coast Wilderness Railway runs between Queenstown and Regatta Point, Strahan, with trips up to Cradle Mountain too. There are steam train tours which are some of the most popular Tasmania attractions for kids

The west coast scenery is breathtaking, and families can choose between half day or full day trips. Trips operate year round on a seasonal timetable – book well in advance. There’s also a railway museum at Queenstown.

Address: 62 Esplanade, Strahan, Tasmania

Gordon River

Gordan River
Gordan River

One of the most beautiful corners of Tasmania, your kids will love a chance to go on a Gordon River cruise in western Tasmania. Boats depart from Macquarie harbour, and in summer there are also sea-planes that land mid-river and allow you to explore into the rainforest. 

The perfect way to experience some of wild Tasmania that the whole family will remember for years to come!

Things To Do In The North West Of Tasmania

Below I’ve listed some of the best things to do in the North West of Tasmania with kids.

Cradle Mountain

One of the most famous areas of Tasmania to visit for outdoor lovers, Cradle Mountain in Lake St Clair National park, offers a wilderness experience for the whole family to enjoy. Cradle Mountain is named after the shape of its peak and is another of my recommended stops when touring Tasmania with kids

You don’t need to be a serious hiker to enjoy Cradle Mountain and the national park – you can drive to the beautiful Dove Lake and soak up the views of the mountain from there, or if you have older kids, you can spend the day hiking up Cradle Mountain. 

If you want to stay here for a few days, there are plenty of family-friendly accommodation options near Cradle Mountain. 

Address: Lake St Clair National Park, Tasmania

The Nut

Another must-visit for families who like being outdoors or if you’re looking for fun things to do in Tasmania with kids, the Nut in North Western Tasmania is a coastal bluff area, and all that remains of an ancient volcanic plug. 

Heading up to the summit is a must, for views out over the Bass Strait, the surrounding town of Stanley and neighbouring beaches. If you’re feeling energetic, you can walk up – or there’s a more relaxing cable car giving you plenty of time to admire the views with your little ones. 

Address: The Nut, Stanley, Tasmania

Tarkine Forest

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Tasmania with kids, the Tarkine Forest is one of Tasmania’s most pristine forest areas, located in North West Tasmania. The forest is a huge area of temperate rainforest with strong links to Tasmania’s aboriginal people. 

Dismal Swamp is a sinkhole in the middle of the forest, thought to be the only Blackwood forest sinkhole in the world. There’s a visitor centre, walkway above the trees that looks over the sink hole, followed by a 110 metre slide down to the sink hole floor! (Open for kids over 8). It’s a great way for children to have fun and learn more about the forest. 

Despite damage by bushfires in 2016, the forest area is recovering, with most attractions re-opened. 

Address: Dismal Swamp, Redpa, Tasmania

Things To Do On The East Coast Of Tasmania

Below I’ve listed some of the best things to do in the East Coast of Tasmania with kids.

Maria Island National Park

Maria Island is located off the East coast of Tasmania and is 30 minutes by ferry from Triabunna. You can come here on a day trip, get permission to camp overnight or there is simple hostelling style accommodation with bunk beds available. 

The Island is a great place to visit with kids, as it offers dramatic scenery including cliffs and beautiful beaches, convict probation era history at the Darlington penitentiary buildings on the island, and beautiful views from several points over the island and across to Freycinet National Park. 

You can bring bikes to the island or rent them on Maria Island to cycle around, and if your kids love the water, there are designated fishing zones, or you can go kayaking. Note that if you’re bringing bikes on the ferry, these need to be pre-booked at least the day before. 

Wineglass Bay In Freycinet National Park

There are some great activities for kids in Tasmania in Freycinet National Park and at Wineglass Bay. Arguably one of the most beautiful spots in Tasmania, Wineglass Bay is frequently listed among the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you love spectacular scenery, this part of Tasmania is definitely not to be missed.

Wineglass Bay is located within Freycinet National Park and it’s important to know that there’s no road access – which means it’s more work to get here, but the reward is fewer crowds. You can kayak in, or there’s a one hour walk in and out over fairly steep headland from Coles Bay.

It’s possible to camp in the area too. 

Binalong Bay And The Bay Of Fires

Bay of Fires
Bay of Fires

The Bay of Fires is another beautiful Tasmanian beach and another must-visit Tasmania with kids location. Located in north-eastern Tasmania, the bay is famous for its clear, turquoise waters, fine white sand and dramatic orange-coloured rocks.

The name is thought to refer to the Aboriginal fires spotted by Captain Tobias Furneaux when he sailed past in 1773, but it could also refer to the orange tinged granite boulders along the bay.

Binalong Bay is located at the southern end of the Bay of Fires, and has plenty of activities that the kids will love. It’s also the entry point to the Bay of Fires area. There’s fishing, a diverse range of sea life such as whales, seals and shearwaters which you can head out to spot, and plenty of hiking routes. 

There’s also beach-side camping facilities available within the Bay of Fires Conservation area if you can’t bring yourself to leave! 

Your Tasmania Family Holiday Map

With the Google Map below, you can zoom in and see where all the above attractions are to help plan your Tasmanian family holiday.

Best Things to do in Tasmania with Kids Map
Click the Map to open in Google Maps. You can then access directions to each of the locations discussed in this article.

Family Accommodation Tasmania

When it comes to places to stay in Tasmania with kids, there is a great range of hotels in the city centres as well as places in the city outskirts. No matter what your budget, your holiday style or who you are travelling with, you’ll easily find a great place to stay.  

Below I’ve listed a few different places across Tasmania to consider for your family trip.  

Sullivans Cove Apartments Review

If you’re looking for where to stay in Tasmania with kids, downtown Hobart is a great place to start. Sullivans Cove Apartments is located right in downtown Hobart in the Salamanca area, meaning it’s close to the Waterfront area, Salamanca Market and close to many of Hobart’s best things to do for families. 

The apartments are luxurious, well fitted, and come with fully equipped kitchens complete with dishwasher (the apartments are self-catered), wifi and laundry service. There’s a local supermarket just five minutes walk away too. Apartments are available as one, two, three bedrooms or penthouses, with options for sleeping up to 8 people. 

This is one of my top recommendations for family friendly accommodation in Hobart because of its fantastic location and beautiful apartments. 

Click here for the latest prices.

East Coast Holiday Park Review

If you’re looking for family friendly accommodation Tasmania has with easy access to the Freycinet National Park and the surrounding area, Bicheno East Coast Holiday Park is a great option to consider. 

The holiday park has a great location just 320 metres from Bicheno beach, and has plenty of facilities on site which are ideal for your holiday Tasmania with kids, such as BBQ, a communal dining room (each cabin also comes with a kitchenette), games room and children’s playground. Activities in the surrounding area include fishing, swimming and golfing. 

Room sizes vary from one bedroom cabins to deluxe two bedroom cabins or cottages, making this a great place for small or extended family groups. 

Click here for the latest prices.

Tamar River Apartments Review

The Tamar River apartments are stunning and one of my favourite family friendly places to stay in Tasmania. Located just a short drive from Launceston, the apartments are on the Brown Brothers Tamar Ridge Estate, which is a great spot and close to many things to do for kids in Tasmania

Apartments are self-contained and modern and come fully equipped with kitchen, washing machine and dryer plus ironing services. Two bedroom apartments have two bathrooms and master bedrooms have deep bathtubs with incredible views looking out across the vineyards to the Tamar river. Living rooms have smart TVs with Netflix. Many apartments are river facing and have outdoor seating areas with BBQ. 

This is a beautiful option to escape to with your family if you feel like enjoying the beauty of Tasmania in luxurious accommodation.

Click here for the latest prices.

Final Words

As you can see, there are so many things to do in Tasmania with children whether you have days or weeks to spend exploring this beautiful part of Australia. 

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration beyond the top 10 things to do in Tasmania with kids and sparked some ideas for exploring some of the less well known but beautiful areas of Tasmania, too. There really is plenty for families to enjoy here, whatever your tastes.


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