Ultimate Guide To The Best Balance Bike Australia 2021

If your goal is to find the best balance bike Australia 2021 has to offer, you’re in the right place. Perhaps you’re even wondering “what is balance bike”? Don’t fret – I’m here to talk you through all the technical jargon so you can find the best price balance bike for your needs.

There are so many retailers that claim to offer the best balance bikes for toddlers or the best cheap balance bike. So, how do you know if you’re really choosing the perfect one for your family?

Dad and Son with a Balance bike

Whether you’re looking for a very small balance bike for 1 year olds, the best balance bike for 2 year old Australian kids or even something for older children – you’ll find them all right here. I’ve written in depth reviews on each product so you’re left in no doubt as to which product is the best balance bike ever for your little one.

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Compare The Top 10 Balance Bikes Australia 2021

NameImageWeightSuitable from?RatingPrice
Cruzee Balance BikeCruzee Balance Bike1.9 kg1-6 years4.5Check
CyclingDeal Balance BikeCyclingDeal Balance Bike2.7 kg2-6 years4.0Check
Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2-in-1 Trike Balance BikeKinderfeets Tiny Tot 2-in-1 Trike Balance Bike2.7 kg12 to 24 months4.5Check
Strider 12 Sport Balance BikeStrider 12 Sport Balance Bike3 kg2-3 years5.0Check
Kiddimoto Kurve Balance BikeKiddimoto Kurve Balance Bike4.5 kg3-6 years4.0Check
Eurotrike Glide Balance BikeEurotrike Glide Balance Bike3.3 kg36 months - 6 years4.0Check
Chicco Ride On Ducati Scrambler Balance BikeChicco Ride On Ducati Scrambler Balance Bike2.7 kg2-5 years5.0Check
Gomo Balance BikeGomo Balance Bike4.7 kg18 months to 5 years4.5Check
FirstBike Balance Bike with BrakeFirstBike Balance Bike with Brake3.9 kg20 months to 5 years4.0Check
Boldcube My First Bike Balance BikeBoldcube My First Bike Balance Bike2 kg10-24 months4.5Check

Top 10 Best Balance Bike Australia 2021

This is a handy reference list of the best balance bikes Australia offers – see all full best balance bike for kids reviews below!

  • Cruzee Balance Bike, 1.9 kg
  • CyclingDeal Balance Bike, 2.7 kg
  • Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2-in-1 Trike Balance Bike, 2.7 kg
  • Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike, 3 kg
  • Kiddimoto Kurve Balance Bike, 4.5 kg
  • Eurotrike Glide Balance Bike, 3.3 kg
  • Chicco Ride On Ducati Scrambler Balance Bike, 2.7 kg
  • GOMO Balance Bike, 4.7 kg
  • FirstBike Balance Bike with Brake, 3.9 kg
  • Boldcube My First Bike Balance Bike, 2 kg

What Is A Balance Bike?

A balance bike is much like a normal bicycle, but minus the peddles, gears and sometimes brakes. So why buy a balance bike and not just a normal bike? Reasons for balance bike recommendations include:

  • Balance – A balance bike helps kids learn the hardest part of riding a bicycle first – balancing! Yes, you can attach training wheels to a normal bike, but this doesn’t teach them to balance properly.
  • Self powered – balance bikes are powered by simply pushing with your feet which requires much less strength and complex skill than using peddles. This means that children much younger can use them.
  • Convenience – no intensive lessons from parents necessary. Your kid teaches themself how to do it and in the process is learning to ride a real bike.
  • They’re so easy to use – kids don’t really need any instruction to get started. They just sit and go and it is a very intuitive process.

Choosing Which Balance Bike Is Best For Your Child

So, what is the best balance bike for your child? Most balance bikes follow a similar design but there are some differences and additional features which better suit certain children. Read on to learn about which features and qualities are key in finding the recommended balance bike for your child.


When choosing what size balance bike to get it definitely depends on the age and height of your child. The best balance bike for a 2 year old is going to be a lot smaller than the best balance bike for 7 year old kids.

Usually, the best balance bike for toddlers has 12 inch wheels but that is not the only measurement to consider. Generally a seat height of about 1-2.5cm less than your child’s inseam measurement is ideal. Be sure to check the measurements of a particular model with your child’s measurements using a tape measure.

When sitting on the bike, your little one should be able to place their feet flat on the floor and knees should be bent at approximately 135 degree angle. If the knees are bent too much or the legs are nearly straight it becomes too difficult to run and gain momentum while riding.

Weight And Capacity

siblings riding a balance bike

If you’re looking for the best balance bike for 1 year old kids then you’re not going to want to get a heavy bike because they just won’t have the strength to support it. The best lightweight balance bike is typically the best option for particularly young children.

Also consider that there is a high chance they will get bored of riding and you will end up carrying the bike yourself. If you’re looking to get a large balance bike for an older child, a heavier bike could be ok.

Also be sure to check the capacity of a balance bike before buying. Most models will state what their maximum rider weight is.

Material And Durability

Many balance bikes use wood as the main material. The best wooden balance bikes are strong and durable but it is not the most lightweight material and can make the bike a little difficult to manoeuvre.

Aluminium is another common material since it’s light, resistant to rust, and durable. These bikes are great options for all age groups as they are generally easy for young kids to manoeuvre and pick up if they topple over.

Steel is sometimes used, but it can be a bit heavy for very young kids  and we wouldn’t recommend it as an option. Be sure to check the weight on any product since the best rated balance bike needs to be a good weight for your child to handle.


A common wheel size for balance bikes designed for toddlers is 12 inches. For kids aged 3-6, this goes up to 16 inches and for kids 5-8, 20 inches. Top balance bikes will have wheels that are anti skid (with tread) to help keep your child safe.

Some balance bike wheels are like normal inflatable bicycle wheels. However, you can also get non inflatable wheels. These can be convenient since they never go flat or get a puncture. This kind of tire is usually made with solid polyurethane.

Seat & Handlebar

Bike Handle Bars

Top rated balance bikes need to have seats and handlebars that are adjustable. This means you can tailor the bike to fit your child perfectly and also adjust the bike as they grow. As mentioned above in choosing sizes look for something that has a maximum seat height of 5cm above what is currently needed.

Look for a bike with comfortable grip handles to make riding for long periods easier on the hands. A comfortable, ergonomically designed seat so that your child is able to use it for a long as they want is also an absolute must. Some seats even come with removable padded covers.

Brakes And Safety

The safety of your child is most likely your paramount concern when looking at different bike models. Lots of balance bikes don’t have any brakes as these can be difficult for very young children to use properly.

If your child will be riding the bike on hills this might be a concern and you may want to look for the best balance bike with brakes. “Coaster” brakes (pedal brakes) can be better for kids that can’t yet grasp firmly enough for handlebar brakes. You’ll also want to look for a bike that has a strong, sturdy frame, and overall is determined to be of good quality. As mentioned above, puncture proof tyres are also a great option to make the bike a little safer.

Other Great Features

The best value balance bike is typically a simple design without any extra features and these can do the job brilliantly. If you don’t mind spending a little more, however, you can find a bike that can do a little more. For example, some bikes are “2 in 1”, which usually means they can be converted between a tricycle and a balance bike. Some best convertible balance bike models are “3 in 1” and can also be transformed into a pedal bike.

Other features to consider include footrests which give kids a nice place to put their feet while cruising instead of having to stick them out to the sides. Another handy quality to have is ease of assembly, especially if you’re not particularly DIY savvy – some products may even come in one piece with no assembly required.

Best Buy Balance Bike Online Reviews Australia 2021

Cruzee Balance Bike Review

Cruzee Balance Bike

We just had to include this Cruzee balance bike review in our list — we love how lightweight it is (just 1.9 kg) and the overall quality is superb. It’s made with white anodised aluminium to prevent it from rusting and if you’re looking for the best brand balance bike, Cruzee are very popular!

It suits children 60cm to 125cm tall, the handlebars and seat can be adjusted without any tools and it has wheels 12 inches in diameter. If you’re looking to buy Cruzee balance bike models, this one is a good fit for kids from around one to six years of age. It’s a great investment as kids grow and it could be the best toddler balance bike for your little one.

Because it’s so light and has no greasy parts, you can easily carry it if your child gets tired and decides they don’t want to ride anymore. But the seat is really comfy too so most kids can stay on it happily for hours. This bike isn’t super cheap but you get a quality bike that could last for years so it’s a great option if you’re looking for the best push bikes for toddlers.

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CyclingDeal Balance Bike Review

CyclingDeal Balance BikeThis 12 inch wheel bike by CyclingDeal really is a deal — if you’re looking for a budget friendly balance bike, this could be the one for you.

It’s got a steel frame with a fun multi coloured design but still isn’t too heavy at 2.7kg. The handlebars are adjustable between 48cm and 61cm and the seat between 29cm and 41cm.

This is a simple bike that has been well loved by plenty of kids. It’s perfect for very little children (around two years of age) but you can adjust the seat and handlebars to accommodate older or growing children too. The best thing about this bike is definitely the price — be sure to check it out if you’re trying to find the best budget balance bike.

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Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2-in-1 Trike Balance Bike Review

Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2-in-1 Trike Balance Bike

If you only want to buy wooden balance bikes, this bike is a great 2 in 1 option for particularly young kids. It can be used as a tricycle with two wheels at the back or as a normal balance bike once your child is a little older. This could be the best first balance bike for your little one since they might find the tricycle design easier (no need to balance).

It’s made with lightweight bamboo and the tricycle version weighs 2.7 kg but the balance bike version is significantly lighter than this (an 18 month old could easily pick it up to turn it around). The seat height is adjustable between 22.5cm and 28cm.

The wheels are non inflatable, meaning no worries about a puncture spoiling the fun. This bike/trike is designed for 12-24 months, so understand that it is very petite and won’t suit older kids, although you can adjust the seat to tailor it exactly to your child. If you’re looking for the best baby balance bike this is a great product to consider. 

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Strider 12 Sport Balance Bike Review

Strider 12 Sport Balance BikeIf you’re looking to buy Strider balance bike models this one is a fab choice since it’s made thousands of kids and parents happy. It’s a bike with 12 inch wheels, is made from steel, weighing in at approximately 3kg, and this one comes in a lovely blue colour. If you’re looking for the best price Strider balance bike, it’s well worth a look.

This model can accommodate kids that are around 18 months up to five years old, making it a cheap Strider balance bike for the amount of use you can get out of it. If you’re looking for the best Strider bike for 2 year old kids or the best Strider bike for toddlers, this could be it since you can adjust the seat height from 28cm to 48cm, meaning you don’t need to buy a new one as they grow.

It also has a padded seat and mini grip handlebars for a comfortable extended ride. Well worth checking out if you’re looking for Strider balance bike best price options.

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Kiddimoto Kurve Balance Bike Review

Kiddimoto Kurve Balance Bike

The best balance bikes for kids need to be fun and Kiddimoto’s bike is just that! It is made with birch plywood that is painted with a range of fun designs such as batman, skull and bones, polka dots and many more using non toxic child safe paints.

This bike is suitable for three to six year old kids. You can adjust the seat to three different heights to accommodate a growing child. This bike has a nice safety feature too — it will only allow the handlebar to turn a maximum of 30 degrees meaning they can’t accidentally invert the wheel (usually resulting in a tumble). 

This is a well made, sturdy bike that looks very appealing to a lot of young children but it is a little on the heavier side at around 4.5kg. It features comfortable sculpted handgrips and has 12 inch inflatable tyres with an inner tube. If you’re looking for the best balance bike 2 year olds will love, it’s well worth a look.

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Eurotrike Glide Balance Bike Review

Eurotrike Glide Balance Bike

Eurotrike’s balance bike is sold at a great price and is a good value option. It’s made from a lightweight steel and weighs approximately 2.7 kg. This is a simple bike that does exactly what you expect and is good quality.

The design of this bike is likely to appeal to a lot of kids with it’s bright red colour and fun “motorcycle” embossed elements. If you’re looking for the best balance bike 3 year olds will think is cool, this could be worth checking out.

This is recommended as a bike for three year olds or older and has a maximum weight capacity of 25 kg (usually around six years old). It’s got an adjustable seat and the handlebars are adjustable between 49cm and 60cm. The wheels are anti puncture so there is one less thing to worry about and the price alone is a good reason to check this one out.

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Chicco Ride On Ducati Scrambler Balance Bike Review

Chicco Ride On Ducati Scrambler Balance Bike

This bike is priced really reasonably and has a very bright and appealing yellow frame. It’s made from steel and weighs in at around 2.7 kg with 12 inch wheels. This is another simple, but great quality bike.

The recommended age range for this bike is between two and five years but riders need to be at least 85 cm to use it. You can adjust the seat and the handlebars to tailor the measurements exactly to your child.

This bike also features a comfortable padded seat and rubber grip comfort handlebars for longer, more comfortable use. Give it a look if you need the best balance bikes 2 year olds will find easy to ride.

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Gomo Balance Bike Review

Gomo Balance Bike

This bike is a bit pricer than other competitors but it is a premium model that’s had fantastic feedback from kids and parents alike and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Choose between yellow, blue, and pink to suit your kid’s taste. It’s made with strong steel and weighs 4.6 kg so isn’t really suitable for particularly young children even though it states for kids from 18 months up to 5 years old.

The cool thing about this bike is the footrests — kids can practice having their feet up just like a proper bike! The tires are “puncture free” so don’t worry about getting a flat tire and having the fun spoiled.

Adjust the seat between 30cm and 44cm, and you can adjust the handlebars too. Along with your purchase, you’ll get a two year warranty, so you know it’s quality you can trust.

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FirstBike Balance Bike with Brake Review

FirstBike Balance Bike with Brake

This bike is really unique and futuristic looking with its red and silver colours and no.1 racing number on the side and front.

It’s made with a composite metal containing 30 percent fibreglass, which won’t scratch, splinter, swell or rust. It also makes this bike tough and shock absorbing, minimising impact to keep kids’ spines to keep them protected. It’s got 12 inch wheels and weighs just 3.4 kg.

The bike can be used by 18 month old children up to five years of age. FirstBike’s product comes with a hand brake which is great for teaching kids how proper bikes work. Adjust the seat and handlebars to suit your kid’s measurements.

This bike is a bit pricier than some balance bikes out there, but it’s a premium product and will surely last until your kid outgrows it.

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Boldcube My First Bike Balance Bike Review

Boldcube My First Bike Balance Bike

This bike is a bit different from the others on our list. It’s a baby bike designed for 10-24 month olds. It’s got a lightweight carbon steel frame that weighs only 2 kg!

This bike gets really young kids used to the motions of riding a bike and develops their coordination, motor skills, and balance. It’s got four wheels, so it’s not possible to tip over. The seat is vegan leather cased with soft foam padding to ensure baby is comfortable when riding.

Choose between red, orange, or green to suit your baby’s personality. Safety is paramount with this product — no chance of trapped fingers and the handlebars are locked to a maximum of 135 degrees.

Baby can use this product as a bike or they can walk with it when they are still learning to walk. The wheels on this product are EVA (reminiscent of rubber) that are anti skid to prevent baby slipping. This bike is an investment in your child’s development that will have them ready to hop on an older kid’s balance bike or even a grown up bike when the time comes.

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I hope you enjoyed this complete guide and find our reviews to the best balance bike helpful.

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