Ultimate Guide To The Best Baby Bath Australia 2021

Baby baths are a dime a dozen – there are so many products out there. This can make choosing the best baby bath Australia 2021 has to offer feel like a daunting undertaking. With such a wide range of products, how can you be sure you’re selecting the baby bath tub best for you and your child?

That’s why we’ve compiled a selection of great products so you can find the best bath for baby that fits your specific needs. Our comparison chart and in depth baby bath reviews make finding the best bath tub baby will love a piece of cake.

Whether you’re looking for the best baby bath tub for sinks, large baby bath tubs or the best baby bath tub for newborn baby this article aims to find you a product that makes bathtime simple and fun time and time again.

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Compare The Best Baby Bath Tub Australia 2021

NameImageTypeSuitable from?RatingPrice
Kidz & Bellz 3 in 1 Baby BathKidz & Bellz 3 in 1 Baby BathCollapsibleBirth to 3 years4.5Check
Roger Armstrong Flat Fold Baby BathRoger Armstrong Flat Fold Baby BathCollapsibleBirth to 2 years4.5Check
The First Years Baby Bath With SlingThe First Years Baby Bath With SlingStand-AloneBirth to 3 years4.5Check
Fome Collapsible Baby BathFome Collapsible Baby BathCollapsibleBirth to 6 years4.0Check
Big Softies Baby BathBig Softies Baby BathStand-AloneBirth onwards4.5Check
Skip Hop Moby 3 in 1 Baby BathSkip Hop Moby 3 in 1 Baby BathStand-AloneBirth up to 11 kg4.5Check
Shnuggle Baby BathShnuggle Baby BathTubBirth to 1 year+5.0Check
Infantino Whale Inflatable Baby BathInfantino Whale Inflatable Baby BathInflatable6 mos to 2 years4.5Check
InfaSecure Ulti Deluxe Baby BathInfaSecure Ulti Deluxe Baby BathStand-AloneBirth to 1 year4.0Check
Stokke Flexi V2 Baby BathStokke Flexi V2 Baby BathCollapsibleBirth to 4 years4.5Check

Top 10 Best Baby Bath Australia 2021

Here’s a handy reference list of the best baby baths Australia offers – see all full best baby bath reviews below!

  • Kidz & Bellz 3 in 1 Baby Bath, Collapsible
  • Roger Armstrong Flat Fold Baby Bath, Collapsible
  • The First Years Baby Bath With Sling, Stand-Alone
  • Fome Collapsible Baby Bath, Collapsible
  • Big Softies Baby Bath, Stand-Alone
  • Skip Hop Moby 3 in 1 Baby Bath, Stand-Alone
  • Shnuggle Baby Bath, Tub
  • Infantino Whale Inflatable Baby Bath, Inflatable
  • InfaSecure Ulti Deluxe Baby Bath, Stand-Alone
  • Stokke Flexi V2 Baby Bath, Collapsible

Why Get The Best Bathtub For Baby?

Choosing the absolute best bathtub for babies is important. Bathing your baby is something you’ll be doing very regularly so you need something that makes life easier. Getting the bath ready, filling it and cleaning it afterwards can all be made much simpler with a high quality product. No new mum wants to buy something that’s going to make life harder!

When buying any baby products, it’s always a good idea to get the highest quality you can afford for safety and ease of use and baby baths are no different.

Before you decide what is the best baby bath tub, let’s look at the important features to consider.

How To Choose The Best Baby Bathtubs 2021

Whether you want the best baby bath tub newborns can use or something for older babies, finding a great product can make bathtime fun and stress free. When searching for that perfect product, you need some understanding of the important features to look for.

Baby Bath Types

Baby bath Australia Blue

The first thing to think about is what type of bath to buy. Each one has its own benefits and, sometimes, limitations.

Stand-Alone – A stand alone bath is usually not designed to go in a sink and doesn’t collapse down. If you’re looking for the best baby bath tub with stand this could be a great choice though, as many stand alone tubs will have an optional stand to buy which means you can easily use the bath wherever you want.

Collapsible – The best collapsible baby bathtubs usually integrate a soft silicone material into its main material to make collapsing the tub possible. This is great for if you have limited storage in your home, as you can fold it down and store it out of the way.  It’s also a great option for travelling with your little one.

Tub – This kind typically rests on the floor (or perhaps a table/counter) and doesn’t collapse down. A good product of this type should be incredibly durable. These sometimes have built in features or supports to keep newborns mostly above the waterline which is great for keeping your hands free. This makes them some of the best newborn baby bath tubs.

Inflatable – Inflatable baths are another good space saving variety. Take them with you on holidays, camping trips or just chuck them in the car since they don’t take up much room. A great option if you’re looking for the best compact baby bathtub. The only bothersome bit is inflating them when it’s bath time. However, if you use a pump (or have strong lungs) this isn’t too much trouble.


Think about where you’re going to be bathing your baby. If you’ll be putting a baby bath in the sink, you’ll want to look for the best baby bath tub for small spaces. Same goes for if you’ll be bathing baby in the shower or bath — make sure you can actually get it in the space you’ll be using.

If you plan on placing the bath on a tabletop or kitchen bench so it’s at the right height, you’ll need to consider how easy it is to lift off the surface to empty it.

You also need to look for a bath you can put away after use without too much trouble. If you have limited storage, collapsible or inflatable baths are a great choice and could be the best tub for baby.


Baby Bath Safest

You probably don’t need much reminding that safety is the number one priority when it comes to bathing your baby. When choosing a baby bath, be on the lookout for features that assist in always keeping baby safe. Consider how sturdy the bath feels, whether it has a non-slip bottom and whether the bath is anatomically designed to support baby.

The best baby bath for newborns is usually those that include a sling or cushion – these keep baby from slipping. The best baby bath tub for 6 month olds might be those that are shaped for sitting up or baths that keep them upright if they can’t already sit. Make sure you always check the minimum and maximum age bracket for the product you’re buying.

Size & Portability

If you take baby out on adventures often, the top baby bath tub for you will be one that can be taken with you – this could be a collapsible or inflatable bath.

In the same sense, if you live in a small unit or house, an easily stowed bath is a big advantage. Some might come with handy storage hooks to hang on the wall or collapse down so they can be slid underneath furniture or on shelves.

Also consider how easy it will be to move the bath around your home. You may have to lift and carry the bath to empty it into the sink in which case the best portable baby bathtub is a must. 

Other Great Features

Here are some other nice things to consider when looking for the best baths for newborns or older babies.

  • Easy to cleanSoaps and products, as well as bodily residue, can leave marks or dirt on some baths. Top baby tubs need to be quick and easy to wipe clean.
  • Built-in scales and thermometerScales can make tracking your baby’s growth easier and a thermometer can ensure you never risk the water being too hot. 
  • Built-in storageThis feature is so handy to store bath products like soap, face washers or toys.
  • Bath support inclusionThe best newborn bathtubs might be something that comes with an extra support to keep baby above the water but your hands 100% free.
  • Drain plug and hoseA plug is super handy to drain the water (otherwise you’ll have to lift and pour the heavy full bath). A hose is good if you’re using a stand so you can drain the water without lifting the tub off.
  • Room to growBabies grow remarkably quickly. A bath that can grow with your baby is an added plus. Don’t just look for the best baby bathtub for newborns – make sure it is also the best baby bath for 6 month olds upwards too.

Best Baby Bathtub Reviews Australia 2021

So, what are the top 10 baby bath tub options you can purchase in Australia? Check out these in depth baby tub reviews to find the best rated baby bathtubs for your little one.

Kidz & Bellz 3 in 1 Baby Bath Review

Kidz & Bellz 3 in 1 Baby Bath

If you want the best baby bathtub for newborns but also need it to grow with your baby, this bath can adapt to the different stages of your baby’s growth.

In the newborn stage, use the foldaway position which is shallower and includes a soft head cushion. Once baby is a little older, use the extended position and supplied seat to help them sit upright. When baby is seven months or over, fold out the leg supports and use the bath in its deepest position to give your toddler more space to splash and play.

This bath uses food grade PP material that is PVC and phthalate-free and doesn’t harbour any harmful substances. It’s also resistant to high temperatures and has no odour. Storage is no big deal since it folds down almost flat. It has a drain plug and can be used with a hose (not included). You also get two rinsing cups which slot neatly into the frame of the bath.

If you’re looking for the best tub for newborns and the best bathtub for 7 month olds and up, it’s well worth a look.

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Roger Armstrong Flat Fold Baby Bath Review

Roger Armstrong Flat Fold Baby Bath

This bath is a simple but effective product – simply unfold and it’s ready to go. It’s perfect for toddlers that are already comfortable with sitting upright. If you want to use it with younger babies you might want to purchase a sling or cushion separately (if you’d rather have your hands free). 

It’s super space saving and folds down almost totally flat, meaning you can store it away or take it with you in the car without it taking up much space at all. This might be the best collapsible baby tub for those who need to save some serious space.

This bath has non slip fold down legs and comes equipped with a plug in the bottom – this means clean up is pretty simple and doesn’t involve heavy lifting to drain the water. Plus, the plug has colour changing technology that tells you if the water is too hot. It also includes a hook for even easier drying and storage.

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The First Years Baby Bath With Sling Review

The First Years Baby Bath With Sling

This could be the best baby tub for newborns and babies up to 11kg, which usually means around 20 months old. This is a tub style fixed bath that doesn’t collapse down. 

Included with the bath, you get a machine washable sling/support that can be used to cradle baby in their first few months so you have 100% free hands. When baby is a little older, remove the sling and they can simply use the moulded shape of the bath to keep their head above the water.

At the toddler stage, the bath can be used the other way round, giving them more space for playing. The bath also includes a drainage plug that changes colour if the water is too hot and weighs just over 1kg so it’s nice and easy to move around.

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Fome Collapsible Baby Bath Review

Fome Collapsible Baby Bath

This bath by Fome is a collapsible bath that is suited for newborn babies up until they become too big to fit (there is no upper limit mentioned so use your own judgement). If you’re looking for the best bathtubs for newborns, you might just have found one.

A nice feature of this tub is the colour changing plug – get confirmation when the water is too hot without having to risk scolding yourself. The bath has a handy little shelf to keep bath toys or products within reach.

When it is erected the bath measures 22cm x 82.5cm x 49cm. This bath has sturdy feet at the bottom to prevent any sliding around on whatever surface the bath is on. These also safely prevent the bath from collapsing when you don’t want it to — safer for Baby. When folded down, the bath is only 7cm thick, has a carry handle that doubles as a hook for hanging and comes in a choice of two colours.

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Big Softies Baby Bath Review

Big Softies Baby Bath

If you just want a super cheap baby bath tub, this bath is a super sturdy product that gets the job done. It’s moulded into an ideal shape for older babies, or could be used with a sling or cushion for newborns if you purchase one separately.

When bathtime is over, you can use the drainage plug to make emptying and clean up much easier. Although you can’t fold this bath down, it weighs just over 1kg meaning it’s still possible to transport it in the car or easily move it around the house.

If you just want a super simple, easy to clean and cheap bath for your baby – take a look at this option.

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Skip Hop Moby 3 in 1 Baby Bath Review

Skip Hop Moby 3 in 1 Baby Bath

Here’s another 3 in 1 bath from trusted brand Skip Hop. It adapts with the growth of your baby, is made using a sturdy plastic that is PVC and phthalate free as well as having an interior surface which is non-slip.

If you have a newborn baby, you can use the included sling to lift baby’s head and upper body above the water. When Baby is at the next stage and learning to sit, the sling is adjustable to create a seated support. Toddlers can also use the bath without the sling to splash and play with a maximum advised weight limit of just over 11kg.

This tub weighs just over 1kg, includes a plug and is equipped with a hook to help with drying and storage. This product has thousands of excellent reviews on Amazon from happy parents, so it’s well worth a look if you want the best newborn tub that can grow and adapt as your baby does.

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Shnuggle Baby Bath Review

Shnuggle Baby Bath
Shnuggle’s baby bath has a unique design that aims to “snuggle” baby and create the best bathtub for sitting baby upright, making bath time more enjoyable for them and parents.

This tub is designed for newborns up to 12 months and supports all babies in an upright position with its cleverly shaped seat. If you do use this from newborn, just be aware that you will need to support baby with one hand and wash them with the other until they can sit upright.

The idea of this bath is to make bath time more comfortable for baby than standard tub designs. The bath is made using BPA free plastic, has a plug in the bottom and is a compact size that could fit discreetly in the corner of most bathrooms.

If you need the best bathtub for infants that prefer sitting to laying down, this would make a great option.

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Infantino Whale Inflatable Baby Bath Review

Infantino Whale Inflatable Baby Bath

This baby bath is all about fun! It’s an inflatable bath shaped like a whale that comes with 10 floating, colourful balls. Baby will love splashing around in the blue whale and playing with the balls and jangling whale tail.

The cool thing about this bath is that it’s inflatable – keep it inflated if you’re using it at home or deflate it and take it with you on a road trip, or even in your luggage when you fly. If you need the best inflatable baby bathtub for travel, it would be hard to pass this one up.

It weighs less than 400g and measures 76.2cm(L) x 45.7cm(W) x 32cm(H) so it’s plenty big enough for baby to have a decent wash but will easily fit inside most household bathtubs, to keep splashes contained.

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InfaSecure Ulti Deluxe Baby Bath Review

InfaSecure Ulti Deluxe Baby Bath

This baby bath is made with a thick and sturdy moulded plastic. It can be used for newborns if you lay them atop the moulded section and support them with one hand. Older babies and toddlers can sit the other way around, giving more freedom to move and splash.

This bath includes two built in pump action soap dispensers that you can fill with your own soap, shampoo etc so you don’t have to hunt around or take baby out while you go find the soap. You can also put extra items on the built in tray.

There’s a drain plug to make the end of bathtime a lot easier, plus a hose is included. You can purchase an additional stand if you want to make bath time easier on your back.

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Stokke Flexi V2 Baby Bath Review

Stokke Flexi V2 Baby Bath

This bath by Stokke breaks all the usual design rules and is a super unique product. It can be used from birth up to four years of age so it’s great if you need the best tub for newborns and the best bath for 1 year old plus.

The bath is designed to be space saving and folds down practically flat so that it’s easy to use at home or when away. The shape is perfect for sliding in the boot of the car with all your other camping gear. It’s lightweight at just 1.3kg and measures 66cm x 24cm x 30cm.

You can purchase their newborn support product to give additional support to young babies and included is a drain plug that changes colour just in case the water is too hot.

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I hope you enjoyed this complete guide and find our reviews to the best baby bath helpful.

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